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Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance

Motorcycles are expensive. It also takes a lot of passion to buy one. After you have bought a nice motorcycle, if you don’t maintain it properly, then even your newly purchased motorcycle will start to become faulty. It will affect your riding experience and you will have more chances of accidents. Here are some tips for regular motorcycle maintenance.

Check the tire pressure

You should always check the tire pressure with an air pressure gauge. This is a necessary step for every tire. After all, a flat tire can lead to accidents. You should inspect the tires for abrasions, wear, and cuts. You should check the spokes too so that there are no cracks or dents.

Change oil

You need to change the oil of your motorcycle from time to time. Proper fluid maintenance is necessary for your bike. As a rule of thumb, you should change the oil every 3 months or after completing 3000 miles.

Check the chain

You should add lubrication to the chain of the bike and ensure proper chain tension. Look at the chain rollers and see if they are in good condition. You can spray wax chain lubricant or gear oil on the chain.

Check the battery

You should check the battery of the motorcycle at the time of oil change. Make sure that the electrolytes are at the proper level. If the electrolyte level is low, you can add distilled or deionized water. You should check for any cracks too. On average, the life of a motorcycle battery is four years. Always make sure that it’s fully charged, even when you are not using it.

Brake components

The brakes are the main safety features of a motorcycle. So, you must keep it in good working condition all the time to reduce the chance of accidents. Regular inspection of the brakes is necessary. You should look at the brake pads’ thickness and brake fluid changes.

You should check the user’s manual before doing the maintenance work. You will find useful information there to guide you in keeping your motorcycle in good condition.