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Why Motorcyclists Sometimes Fall Asleep

Many people suffer from sleep problems at various stages of their lives. It can happen from 5 month sleep regression when you are a baby or even when you are an adult. If you are a motorcyclist, then not sleeping properly at night can have serious consequences. For those who are involved in motorcycle sports, it’s a more serious issue.

Motorcyclists falling asleep isn’t uncommon. This happens and the consequence can be dangerous. You may wonder why this happens because, unlike in a car where you get to sit comfortably and mute all the outside noises, a motorcycle ride is noisy, windy, and uncomfortable. It’s not the right condition to fall asleep.

But this happens to people who are starved of sleep and it is called microsleep. It is the short time for which the motorcycle rider becomes unconscious and stops using any external senses; that is, you fall asleep.

Another reason for microsleep is being on a ride at the time you are supposed to sleep. If you didn’t sleep for several nights in a row, then you can experience microsleep. You should be aware of the signs of microsleep so that you can prevent it.

If you are feeling drowsy or losing focus, pull over on a side so that you can get out of the drowsiness. You can do a little stretching, have some food, and drink water before starting your journey again.

If you are on a long ride, then you need to take short breaks of 15 minutes to have a quick nap and relax. Don’t consume alcohol as it will make you feel drowsy again. Be alert during the entire time of your journey to avoid accidents.